Wednesday, June 29, 2011

workin' the net

i've discovered a word that makes shivers run down my back. ready for it?



my crit partner and i went to a meet/greet, social, party favors, in a bar, writers get together kind of thing last night. obviously a lot of hard work went into it. so i'm not going to say it was awful.

what? i said i wasn't going to say it.

sorry. i don't want to sound unkind. there wasn't anything wrong with the event. it was lovely.

but why do the networking things i've been to leave me feeling like the last kid picked on the dance floor? it's not like people aren't friendly. everyone is chatting and talking. outside of the event, i'm sure everyone is extra lovely.

maybe it's knowing that you're in a room full of people who wouldn't be there if they were where they'd like to be in their careers. hmm. yeah that could be it.

granted, every time i do a "social" function like this, i meet a few people who were worth the creepy yikes feeling of it all. which, i hear my agent patiently saying, is the whole point of it. so i did meet a few nice gals. one of whom is considering becoming a crit partner for me to constantly hyper-link.

all in all, it was a fine evening. i'm glad my writers org sponsored it and i'm glad i went. the weird feeling in my belly for the rest of the night was probably from the korean food and plum wine crit parter and i consumed afterwords. not the social event.

you're smiling now, corrie. give it a few hours.

i just can't wait for the day when my life more resembles this:

laughing teenagers who squeal when they see me because they've followed my musical career since they were babies read my book. then we all dance together. that day will come. right?

mebbe not?

how 'bout just the a teenager reads my book part?

okay and the dancing part, too. please? gracias.


  1. Well, I'm glad you went because it meant I got to meet you! :) I agree - these things can be kind of awkward but still worth it in the end.

  2. it's all about those 2 or 3 cool people! ;) and hey, if you never went to conferences, we'd never have met! clearly i am so worth all this pain (har har, /end ego).
    ... speaking of pain, the food didn't agree with ya? :/

  3. i know, you ladies are totally right. and i'm always glad i do them later, kinda like a see? look at all of this great stuff that came out of that socially odd uncomfortable thing you did. so yay! new meetups. and Ghenet, we're gonna bug you until you come to a crit group:) we're trying to plan a date now....

    and no. something about last night didn't agree with the tummy. not in a super icky way. just queasy. tmi? yes.