Friday, July 15, 2011

geeking out

it's here! the final Harry Potter film is out.

a week ago i waxed poetic about Harry Potter coming to an end. how there would never be a new film to get all excited about. i mourned traditions ending. i expressed fears that i'd never feel that anticipation about a film series again. then i clicked on the news and realized it was the day that the United States space shuttle program was ending. um, oops.

to my knowledge, the auto industry is not closing up shop, nor is the National Endowments for the Arts calling it quits today, so i don't have to question my blogging and life's values and priorities. i can just talk Harry Potter.

now where was i? some people i know have already seen the film.

in Buffalo, my little sister went with her husband, Dan. lil' sis dressed up as Hermoine Granger.

Dan dressed up as Dan.

in Hoboken, New Jersey, my crit partner wore her Ravenclaw gear and did the whole back to back thing:

look how their shirts match the color of the wand glow behind them. coincidence? or carefully plotted move that shows their true natures and alliances?

yeah, coincidence.

me? i'm going in just 3 hours with my sister. since i don't wear costumes on Halloween, the extent of my dressing up might be to draw an owl on my hand. (notice the use of the word 'might'?)

at work last night, i was told about a movie theatre that exists in the Financial District that no one ever goes to, because no one knows it exists. my sis and i aren't going to that theatre. we're going to the huge one in Union Square.

"people talk to the screen at that one," said the informant who knows about the quiet movie theatre.

"exactly!" i said.

most times i like my movie watching to be quiet. who doesn't love the escapism that comes with getting entirely absorbed in the big screen? normally if people rustle their popcorn bag too loudly behind me i get annoyed. but for big blockbuster releases? there's nothing better than having hundreds of other people gasping and laughing along with you.

i saw the Heath Ledger Batman movie in a Times Square theatre. every time someone yelled at the Joker, the whole theatre cheered. it was awesome. seeing a film with a big boisterous crowd transforms the experience of movie watching -- which we've all done plenty of -- into a cultural event. and considering that i watch almost all my movies off Netflix now, engaging in a little shared screen talking feels good for my soul.

haven't seen any of the Harry Potter films? don't remember the last one?

don't let that stop you! here's a video that crunches the last 7 films into a six minute catch-up:

really not interested in Harry Potter? haven't seen any and ain't gonna start now? here's something to bring a little joy and magic into your day, too. because while there's nothing i want to watch more than that Harry Potter film today, dancing dog videos come pretty close.


  1. but dressing up is FUN! what do you mean you don't dress up for halloween??? what do you do on halloween!?!? it's the BEST HOLIDAY EVER.


  3. Omg amazing doesn't begin to do it justice. I seriously cried about ten times tho I am a big mush. Definitely amnazing :) I love those books and films. Thanks jk.

  4. Love the costumes! Did you love it? I saw it yesterday and LOVED IT. My friends, husband and I didn't dress up but there was a girl with Harry Potter glasses in front of us in line and for a second we thought she was wearing the 3D glasses the theater handed out, and they were made to look like HP glasses. Sadly her glasses weren't the 3D glasses, but how cool would that have been?!

  5. the 3d glasses were made to look like HP glasses! or at least, the ones they gave us at the midnight premiere did?

  6. bring the glasses to crit! bring the glasses to crit! and how was it in 3-D? i loved it in normal.