Friday, July 29, 2011

re-doing yesterday today

so i do this suuuuuper annoying thing where i sometimes force myself to repeat days. this has to do with a. my indecisiveness and b. my cheapness.

yesterday is the perfect example.

my lil sis and her hubby are coming for a visit, so i trekked to Trader Joes to buy fun snacks. whilst in Brooklyn Heights, possibly the most beautiful neighborhood on earth:

 i treated myself to lunch:

and was also going to buy a new dress.

*pause for backstory*

i don't shop, because remember previously mentioned b? i'm cheap. also, more importantly, i've never caught the "things" bug. i don't need 'em. my home's not filled with homey knick-nacky things. i'm perfectly content to wear my clothes until they exhibit holes. in fact, i like holes. they make things look cooler. but since i'm about ready to set my entire wardrobe on fire because i wore it all last summer too, i decided that yesterday, i would look for a new dress.

*current story resumes*

and i found one. it wasn't terrific. it wasn't cheap, though it wasn't terribly expensive either. it was just a dress that i could envision myself wearing for the rest of summer. everyday. which would ultimately make the cost of it about 30 cents per day. and i have a few things coming up that make such an outfit a bonus.

unnecessary blog story short? i put the dress back. have been thinking about it all night. and now need to recreate yesterday, in order to go back and purchase said dress so that i may stop kicking myself over it.

this wouldn't be a big deal. if i didn't do this ALL THE TIME. seriously, there should be a support group for this. actually, i think there is. it's called psychotherapy.

the clincher? yesterday involved a train and a bus ride. a delicious lunch. a feeling of bliss. today involves a hot bike ride and none of that other fun stuff. because your not supposed to relive days. you're supposed to do them once and then do something else the next day. like go to the pool.

lesson learned, Corrie?

nah, i'll probably do something identical next week. but i'm working on it.

now on a completely other note which should have been the whole point of this blog post. i've picked a winner for the giveaway of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. did i use a computer program that makes sure the result is completely random? hells no! i used the old school, throw names in a hat method that still makes pretty random results. or kinda random results, because, complete disclosure, i picked Lauren's name again and i made a noise that sounded like GARHH ('cause even though i <3 Lauren, you can't win twice in a row. you just can't) and picked another name and that winner is...

can you read that? no, me neither. but the winner is MARIE!! yay! congratulations! i'll get in touch with you this weekend to get your mailing address. i'd do it now, but i need to go do some dress shopping before work :)


  1. I love brooklyn heights! I lived there for 2 years. Such a pretty place. :) I do the indecisive thing too, which is why I stay in fitting rooms way longer than necessary.

  2. lucky girl! it's so pretty there. and i'm glad to know it's not just me. i went back, tried on the dress again and was like, yeah, now i see why i hesitated. but i bought it anyway. couldn't go through that whole thing twice:)