Friday, August 19, 2011

changing it up

something good is in the air.

change and exciting things are happening. my crit buddy got approached by an agent. my old community collaborative buddy from buffalo got published in the Buffalo News. my good work buddy got engaged. my sister buddy got a great new apartment. and another family buddy is buying a house.

and me? well, things are a bubbling, but i'll keep them under my hat until i know more details.

change. it's one of those things i contemplate forever. worry over needlessly. crave but never embark on. and then it happens. out of the blue and all at once and it feels...really freakin' damn good.

i know our lives can't always be filled with change. i know that we need stability, too. but when it does happen. when it's pervasive in the air like this, you can bet'cher bottom i'm gonna celebrate it.

so congratulations everyone! thank you Change! hopefully, i'll be seeing more of you soon.

in the meantime, let's dance!

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