Monday, August 22, 2011

a lil' help from my friends

i don't like asking for help.

in fact, i do everything in my power to avoid it. this means i work when i'm sick. i cook and do the dishes. and i've never learned to graciously accept help when others offer it. the only exception to this rule? carrying heavy stuff. like the cast iron mussels pot at work.

no. please. you take it.

i don't mind this trait. it doesn't even register on my list of "things to be worked on in this life."
(for the record, i don't have a list like that. fine. maybe i do. but it's a mental one... that i update constantly)

this week i discovered the one thing that being self-sufficient deprives me of. i can't think of a non-cheesy way to say it. but sometimes when you ask for help, the perk (other than being helped) is feeling the love from the people that step up to do the helping.

i have to do a project on a Spanish speaking country for my conversational Spanish class. shocker, i chose Mexico. (it's no secret i have a thing for the Mexican culture.)

i had no idea what this project would be about. possibly because i didn't understand the teacher when she explained it. it was my turn to go last week. i said i needed more time. beside the fact that i can't take ungraded homework seriously, i was a little intimidated by the project. other student's presentations were in PowerPoint. they had embedded YouTube clips. themes. notes.

inspiration struck. but i needed help.

none of the guys in the following film relished being in the following film. but they're my friends. so when i asked them to do it, they came through, which felt....indescribably great.

apologies to most people reading my blog. i haven't put subtitles on the film. i figured, what better way for my conversational Spanish class to improve than listening to conversational Spanish. the CliffNotes are that i ask the guys to tell me something about Mexico that most American's don't know (it's clean there! also in small towns there's no heat or air conditioning.) i ask about their favorite foods (which inspired Jose to talk about turkey eggs). and i totally flustered Cesar who couldn't really think of anything to say.

i love how many times all of them broke into English. in actuality, this films a bit of a farce. my Mexican friends are more American than anything else.

still, i'm proud of this film. i'm proud of my friends. and as i usually am when i break down to do it, i'm glad i asked for help.


  1. "o si, limpio?" hehehe. cute video! :D bet your teacher will love it

  2. haha. yeah. there are some harsh cuts in this namely because i needed to edit out my horribly high pitched voice and awful spanish.