Friday, August 12, 2011

please tell me kids still pass notes

my spanish teacher was writing on the blackboard (okay, dry erase board) the other day when she stopped and sighed: sometimes i forget how satisfying that is.

she meant writing.

it's such a simple statement. it took me totally by suprise. i've been thinking about it ever since.

when was the last time you saw your handwriting? i still make shopping lists on paper. i still sign and mail checks. when i remember (oops) i write birthday cards. i jot down notes for novel ideas. during the really grumpy years, i kept a journal. but that's about it. and for most people that's probably a lot. there's an app or online easier way to do everything i just described.

someone in my spanish class pointed out that kids (it's always those kids) aren't as good at reading handwritten words anymore and their own writing is suffering from everything going digitial. a hugely broad statement, i know.

but i still can't stop thinking about it. i never expected one of our most basic ways of communicating to fall by the wayside. will we teach handwriting in the future? or typing.

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