Monday, August 15, 2011

super productive monday

good morning everyone! today i am having a super productive day.
in a city where even police officers are multi-tasking:

and business women use their break to get the tai-chi in:

i know, she's hard to see, but you get the picture, si?
in the next six hours i'm gonna put all these fools to shame. laundry will be done. fellowships will be applied for. spanish homework will (finally) be looked at, erm, i mean completed. clothes will be folded. stuff will be tidied. blogs will be half-assed.

the last few weeks i've taken a bit of a break from productivity. i'm waiting for responses to my WIP and i also couldn't look at the damn thing anymore to make my own edits. i've noticed my spirits flagging ever since i set the project aside.

today i make up for that! i'll do an amount of chores and whatnots in a few hours that would normally be spread out over a week. but first, coffee.

oh dear goodness, i need some coffee first.

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