Wednesday, August 31, 2011


sleep hasn't been coming so well lately, and when that happens, i go a little batty. night time worries creep into my daytime. everything feels so much more pressing, serious, unpleasant, and dramatic.

so imagine how i felt this morning when i woke up to this error message on my computer: Your battery is able to charge normally, however it is reaching the end of it's usable life.

oh. dear. goodness.

i remained calm and googled my problem.

google is my favorite fix for any kind of computer glitch. the google result usually takes you to a forum that a billion other people with the exact same problem have already posted about. this one told me to get in touch with dell support. that if my computer was under a year old, they might just send me a new battery.

i ran to last years tax receipts. computer purchased....9/16/10.


instead of calling in for help. i went against my grain and engaged in online tech chat. (i have this fear of being hacked).

it was actually terrific. "Monica" answered immediately. i explained my problem fully in three different messages, and after only a tiny glitch where she wrote: I understand the problem is with your battery. I am able to help you with that. and i wrote, did you understand my question? and she wrote yes i understood your question. and i wanted to write but didn't: then why are you writing that you understand the problem is with my battery. I JUST SAID THAT. she asked if she could take control of my computer.

she wanted permission to hack me basically.

um. sure?
after one little downloaded (they say it's NOT downloaded software that they're access ends as soon as you close the windows) approval thingy, i watched as she poked around and found the place on my computer that said, yes indeed my battery is f'd.

I will send you a replacement battery, she wrote. That's terrific! I wrote.

Monica then asked if i had a second to talk to her manager. i wrote: um, okay, but i only have a minute. ('cause i'm generous and friendly like that. i did mention the no sleep thing tho, right?)

sed Manager asked what i thought of Dell support. i said it was great. Manager wrote: That's all, I wanted to know if he helped you.

so i'm getting a new batttery. Monica is now a boy's name. and tech support jobs are still being shipped overseas. or at least that's how i understand it.


  1. LOL. yay for new battery!
    and that reminds me of the joke my brother always does about tech support... "'ello, my name is Elvis, 'ow may I be helping you today?" ;)

  2. Glad you got it resolved! It's times like this that I'm glad I married an IT guy. :)