Monday, August 29, 2011

scared? who me?

i win the Worst Blogger Ever award.

a hurricane (ok, tropical storm. erm, hard rain) passed over my city this weekend and i didn't take one picture. not one!

this means i didn't capture the "BRING IT! - NYC" that someone tagged on a boarded up coffee shop. or the sign at the bar that said "We'll be open NO MATTER WHAT! Come in for a hurricane shot." nor did i capture a picture of the storm swell that i saw in Queens, which would have shown a perfectly calm river, only an hour before the rains, with not a ripple in it.

what did i do? i fled my apartment in the early afternoon. i put plastic soup containers around the legs of my couch and moved all the electrical things into my bedroom. if it flooded, there wasn't much else i could do. out on the street, i immediately saw how skewed my vision was by my subterranean living. from my windows all i saw were ominous grey skies and rain, but out on the street? life!

every neighborhood i road through was full of people -- laughing, eating, drinking. all the restaurants i passed were slammin'. maybe in a few hours there would be total devastation, but in the meantime, New Yorkers were gonna enjoy their last bit of peacefulness.

it was a good lesson in "you experience life based on how you choose to experience life." one person's hurricane is another person's fiesta.

so after that initial bout of "do i stay and protect my apartment or leave and protect my sanity" it turned into a great day. i went to a bbq. met some great people. ate and drank my butt off. then watched a hitchcock movie and slept over at my friends. at night, their house got rocked by rain. in the morning, brooklyn was leaf strewn and beautiful. riding my bike home, i watched the first tentative people emerging from their apartments looking like i felt. awed.

we'd lived through something. something that turned out to be nothing. and now we have yet another "remember when?" nyc story and a lot more canned goods in the house because of it.

* thanks to all the sweeties out there who left me great hurricane advice and wishes of safety and concern in my comments. you guys are amazing! i felt so much better prepared and cared for because of it.


  1. Glad it was less than expected!

  2. me too! and thanks so much again for your awesome tips. they made me feel much saner. my mom was like, that one girl from Florida was sooo sweet. :)