Friday, August 26, 2011

what would you do?

so um, a hurricane is headed my way.

now would be a good time for anyone who has past experience to throw me some tips in the comments below. do i leave two windows open so i can get some decent cross ventilation in here? no wait. that's tornadoes. are they serious about purchasing canned food? what about all the extra sodium and plain, bad taste?

okay, so i'm worried, but not.

since i've lived in brooklyn, there's been a tornado. it flew past my restaurant seconds after i got to work. moments before the entire sky had been a weird green color. there's also been a bus-stranding blizzard. which didn't seem all that special to me since i'm from buffalo. but it was special to all my friends who had to walk 3 hours to get home that night, because all public transportation failed. i think that one was more the city's fault.

my biggest concern about this hurricane is the flash flooding. have i mentioned i live in a garden apartment? yes? be quiet about it already? right.

the hours leading up to a catastrophic event are the weirdest, aren't they? what would you do if you had 24 hours until a hurricane hit? no, really, what would you do?

my answer, apparently?
oh, you know, i'd blog. work on my edits. go to work.

granted, this weekend's weather is not life-ending. hopefully, it's only another weird, intense weather day in brooklyn. but maybe i'll treat myself to some nice chocolates on the way into work, just for the heck of it. and maybe tonight after work, i'll go dancing. not that it'll be my last time doing it or anything, but it's not bad to have a reminder to make every minute count.

and not to keep boring you with my dance class videos, but they've been such great dances lately (always), i can't not bore you with my dance class videos.

happy dealing with a hurricane east coast. hope to see you safely on the other side.


  1. *Waves:* Hi! Native South Floridian here so here's some advice!

    1) Board up your windows: Most of our houses down here have either shutters or hurricane glass, but in the old days, we used plywood.

    2) Stock up on batteries, water, flashlights, and yes canned food, or at least stuff that you'll be able to eat if you lose power for a few days and all your refrigerated/frozen stuff goes bad

    3) Buy a weather radio!

    4) Either plug your TV and computer into a surge protector or unplug them

    4) Do NOT go outside until the storm is over and your area has the all clear. Not even during the eye of the storm. I've heard several cases where something like that happened and there was a down power line and a puddle that someone stepped in...

    5) I know this sounds worrisome, but just relax. You seem to have a good attitude about the storm already in that you're not freaking out.

    Take your necessary precautions, but listen to the officials. If your area is evacuated, LEAVE. Just stay indoors otherwise and ride out the storm and enjoy the time as a writing/readathon.

    Stay safe!

  2. wow! Jen, thank you. and alright, fine you convinced me. i'll get me some canned food. also the surge protector advice is terrific. i'm going to add my own tip too: 6.) charge all your devices ahead of time especially ipod, because what would i do without TowerMadness? thanks again girlie. great advice!

  3. I'd follow Jen's advice. This probably isn't helpful or safe- but, you should throw a storm party and ride out the storm indoors with others. Sending wishes for an uneventful weekend for you. Stay safe! Keep us posted so we know you are ok. xoxo

  4. I totally bought canned food. and water. and my roomie and I are hauling everything mobile from our basement upstairs, just in case (because like hell do I trust my leaky old apartment not to flood).
    and we bought a bunch of lighters, because we have a zillion candles but no lighters or matches...
    OH, and tip from my mom: fill bathtub with water in case you lose plumbing. that way you can still flush the toilet. >.>
    also. rumor going around office right now is that they're shutting down the subways at 5 pm tomorrow. so basically this is the apocalypse? YAY.
    I really hope it's just some vague rain and stuff, but since everyone else is panicking, guess it's good to be on the safe side? <.< *stocks up on booze too* :D

  5. haha, that's my amy! we'll have to see about the party, though i'm defintely thinking of buying a small thing of whiskey. and candles. and i don't have a tub, only a shower -- boo. otherwise, great advice, miz ellen. my landlord called to tell me to bring in my small potted plants from outside. and i have to say, all this planning is FREAKIN ME OUT! also, as far as i know, i'm still working on sunday:)

  6. Good luck! I escaped the hurricane to go to a friend's wedding in Tennessee for the weekend ... hopefully I can get home on Monday!

    Living in a garden apartment with the threat of flooding, my advice (get ready for the nerdy author emergency preparedness...) put all journals/notebooks and your favorite books in trash bags and then put them up high. And store pictures and other paper keepsakes in those gallon ziploc bags.

    And of course, guard your laptop, flashdrive, and external hard drive WITH YOUR LIFE! Upload copies of your manuscript to dropbox or something should everything get damaged, so at least you have it!

    Best of luck, lady. Of course, you know with all this panic and preparation, it'll turn out to be a whole lotta nothing! Ain't that always the way...

  7. Thanks Lauren! yeah, lets hope for a whole lot of nothing. i'll have to hurricane safe my home tonight after work. which includes getting all my shoes away from the front door:) I hadn't been thinking it could really flood flood here. geez, this impendingness is SO weird! glad you have a reason to get out of town. and a wedding too! is yur doggie going with you? stay safe.

  8. Seems like good advice, all. Given no bathtub, if you have some clean gallon jars, pitchers, etc., fill them with water. Ask your landlady/lord in the event your apartment does take in water if you go up and stay with them (if their apt doesn't take in water first, that is). Perhaps double duct tape the inside of the door to the outside steps in order to keep water from getting in in the first place (after putting your flower pots in the hallway inside the door). If you don't have something to cover your windows with (those that would be exposed to direct wind), you might duct tape around them as well. Once it's over, pull the duct tape off everything so it doesn't dry and stick. Text if you'd like me to call you at any point and I will, and this way don't have to pay for the call. And send email to let me and others here know when the storm is supposed to arrive and leave so we'll have some idea of what you're going through and when. Have some can't-put-it-down reading, keep those electronic devices charged, and call work before going in to see if they really will be open during your working hours. Ask if they can send someone to pick you up and take you home if the weather is really blowy going and/or coming. If they evacuate Long Island (that's where Brooklyn is, right?) and you can get a train, Mega Bus, plane, etc., home, feel free to come and I'll foot the bill. Whatever happens, you'll survive, perhaps even totally dry! And you'll have that many more experiences which might inform future writings. Love you :)