Monday, September 19, 2011

jet plane

i'm leavin'.

tomorrow at this time i'll...well, i'll probably be exactly where i am right now -- in front of my computer. but tomorrow this time plus six hours, i'll be at the airport... headed to Spain!

i'm not the kind of person that gets really really excited about travelling (or doing much of anything) until it's right in front of me. so while by tomorrow plus six hours, i'll be squealing and ecstatic, right now, i'm mainly thinking about packing.

i'm only taking a small carry on with me, plus one personal item (ie a decent size tote bag).

packing clothes for two weeks into something the size of a large lunch box leads to all kinds of fun what-to-save-from-the-fire dilemmas. so far i've ditched:

  • the second pair of pajama bottoms. if mine get grubby, i'll be showering in the morning anyway.
  • the little towel i was going to bring in case the hostels didn't provide them. um, that's not likely. and if i have to pay for towels. so be it.
  • the butterfly dress. garh! no. not the butterfly dress! but it's bulky and has cap sleeves, which lends itself to only being worn, like, once. 

what this leaves me with are:
2 dresses (one for day. one for evening. booyah!)
1 pajama bottom
2 sleep t-shirts
1 long pair of pants
a few shirts long and short sleeved
a bathing suit

the biggest dilemma (still ongoing at the time of this writing) is footwear.

do i, A. wear the fabulous new cowboy boots i just found at my local thrift store that kinda press down in odd places -- who knew the top of your foot could hurt -- but would look fabulous with both dresses and my one pair of pants?

why hello, you sexy little things.

or do i B. wear the kick around boots that don't have a describable color anymore (hmm...why they're kind of an ehh) and couldn't even stand up right for the picture?

i know. i know. go with comfort. plus i imagine having to ask the guard at the security check point for help pulling off the cowboy boots (something i've had to do everytime i've worn them so far, not the guard, but you know, a friend) and that about ruins the illusion of me ho-downing it around Spain.

now after printing out itineraries, buying tickets to Alhambra and cleaning my entire apartment, i'll be ready to go. a friend warned me to be careful in Barcelona. that it's not such a safe city. but i figure if anyone tries to mug me, i'll throw a guide book at them. i have plenty to spare.

yes, for the record, books out number shirts i'm bringing.
i <3 books.

though i wish i could take you all with me -- especially my mama, sisters and well, all you ladies -- you know what sometimes happens when you travel with friends, and i don't want to risk losing you. i'll be gone from the blog for these next two weeks.

until my return (and always and forever thereafter) stay safe everyone. have some fun. and enjoy.

and really, what do you think, should i just take the butterfly dress anyway?


  1. Wow, I'm impressed by your limited packing! I always overpack (and thus say - bring the extra dress!) I wasn't in Barcelona for long but in general, I felt Spain wasn't any worse than NYC when it comes to safety. Just keep your bag at your side at all times. DON'T just put it on the floor. My friend got her bag swiped right in front of her face at an Internet cafe in Madrid. She was at a computer by the entrance, so the guy ducked in, grabbed the bag, and ran down the street! So don't do that. :) Otherwise, I'm sure you'll be perfectly fine!

    Happy travels!!!

  2. agreed with Ghenet, it's no worse than NYC :) and mostly pickpockets, not really muggers... so just be really careful to keep your passport/cash somewhere unaccessible to sticky hands and you'll be good :D


  3. thanks ladies! will do. mucho besos!

  4. I would feel much better about this trip if you took 1 more pair of pants. What if yours get wet or you spill something on them & you need to change? Then you'd get stuck wearing your 1 pair of PJ bottoms - which will, as you mentioned, be grubby. ;) Paula