Monday, October 31, 2011

boo hoo who

it's halloween. wanna hear something scary?

my manuscript is in pieces.

gasp! eeeek! noooooo!

t'is true. my agent and i discussed a few small changes, and instead i went in with a hacksaw. it's necessary. only, i'm cutting as if i were pruning a plant for the first time. snipping, lobbing off here and there, without knowing what i'm doing or how it will affect it later.

this is a natural step. it all comes back together eventually. it's happened during every other novel i've written. part of it is waiting for that moment of inspiration, the mental glue, to find me. that one sentence while i'm on the bus or taking a walk or even staring at my computer, that leads to that one paragraph, that fills in the plot hole, that fixes everything.

so no worries (she tells herself). it's in there.

in the meantime, share one of your day-in-the-life scary stories with me. because until that inspiration strikes, i need all the distraction i can get my hands on.


  1. My scary story is really from a scary dream I had last night. I dreamt I was at Max's high school (but it was a much more attractive version of his school). Max was not with me. The students were congregating on the lawn under those white party tents. I was speaking to one of Max's classmates when I heard his name being called by the vice principal who was sitting at a cafeteria table in front of us. I started to realize that I was the only parent (no, grown up) there. And I started to get uncomfortable. Then I heard the VP call my name. And before I even approached the table, my stomach flipped, I knew he was holding my Math scores. (I have no idea why I had even taken a Math test). He said, " We have a real problem here. You only scored a 1 out of 4. You're not even making benchmark. I know that you are better than this." I fumbled with an excuse," Math is my worst subject. Math does not work on my brain. I don't remember even taking this test. Do you see how badly Math messes with my mind?" Then he pulled out a prescription pad and told me to go to the Health Food store and buy some Gingko Biloba (?) and Avocado pills (is there really such a thing?) because they would help with my memory when I took the Math re-test. I woke up with the worst stomach ache.

    Okay- so it doesn't sound that scary. More like down right ridiculous. But, WTF? Math tests, really?

    Wishing you loads of inspiration. xo

  2. yaaay!! almost there, mujer! ;) can't wait to see how you fill it in after all the chopping. i'm sure it'll be even more awesome :)

    umm, day in the life scare? okay, how about... i'm about to write a book that i want to be horrifically creepy, and i can't remember the last time i read a horror novel? or wrote anything with horror elements? and i have to start tomorrow! eeeek... >.>