Wednesday, November 2, 2011


yesterday was the kick off of National Novel Writing Month. the goal is a completed first draft of a book/to write 50,000 words. (one of) my fabulous crit partner and i are joining.

or, well, she is. because as she's posting blurbs from her new NaNo WIP on her blog and loving Google Earth because it lets her explore cities she'd like to use for setting, i was hanging with these girls last night.

da-da-da-dirty. dirty.

now granted, i'd spent the whole day from waking until about 8 o'clock working on my manuscript, so i think i'm allowed a little downtime. however, if November is NaNoWriMo month, then October was Pretty Little Liars month. i was totally addicted.

it's all because of damn Twitter. i barely log in anymore, but when i do there's always someone dissecting PLL. enter my stoppage of Netflix, scanning of internet for all forms of free anything watching and an, oh, why the hell not attitude one evening.

load addiction and press play.

have you seen this show? do you like teen mysteries in which everyone wears impractical high heels and lots of preposterous stuff happens? still no? then okay, never mind. you may recoup lots of hours otherwise spent in front of your tellie, rent The Wire, and try writing a novel in a month.

but did i hear a shy 'yes' out there? then never mind being productive and spending hours writing! watch this show. it's so unbelievably guilty pleasure fun, and great to have on while you clean, do dishes or eat dinner. and when it starts back up (in January?) we can be PLL buddies together.

luckily, i caught up on all the previous episodes last night. so now i really can try to both write a new novel in a month and finish the edits on my other.

i wasn't actually worried about my productivity. my big question is...what should i watch next?


  1. Have you seen REVENGE yet? It's a new show and my new guilty pleasure. It's really good! And it won't take you a whole month to catch up because there are only about 6 episides so far.

    I watched the first season of PLL and stopped for some reason. Maybe I'll start watching again. :)

  2. Oh yeah...GOOD LUCK with NaNo (and your edits, of course)!

  3. not gonna lie, i've gotten real into Terra Nova. it is cheesy. but c'mon, there are DINOSAURS. <3

    and Revenge seemed pretty interesting, but i only caught the first episode. mostly i've been binging on Big Bang Theory. teehee >.>

  4. ooh, i like the idea of Revenge already! good recommendation. Terra Nova huh? anyone know anything about that grim series? it seems to be up all our alleys. no, wait! i'm supposed to be writing. and i used to hate tv. what's happening tooooo meeeeee?!! sorry. it's the PPL bringing out the drama queen in me.