Friday, October 21, 2011

ducks in a row?

it's the weekend! or it's practically the weekend (still worthy of celebrating).

i'm slacking off already. which means today is the perfect day for a dancing dog video. except i couldn't find any that lived up to the other two i already posted. here are some decent runner ups.

phew. that was a tough hour of research.

no, for the record, you're not a bad person if you laugh at this one. only if you laugh repeatedly, like i did.

this video gets a little iffy/scary, but it's still good for the huh-huh chuckle.

and buda bump da bum bump. that's all folks. tell me if i missed one.

happy weekend!

my one sis sent these:



and this (one of my old favorites) from fabulous crit partner

keep 'em coming people!


  1. Omg- I tried so hard not to laugh at the ducks- but I couldn't help myself. I feel that on most windy days- I am that mother duck- except I would be laughing at my kiddos getting blown over in the wind and then I would get pounded to the ground.

  2. it keeps getting me too! my favorite part is the mama duck flying away. and anyone who wants to pound you needs to go through me first. just you tell 'em before they begin the pounding, call me, i'll book a flight, and then you know, i'm totally there for you:)