Wednesday, October 19, 2011


i needed a crowbar this morning. it was that difficult to get out of bed. it didn't help that it's rainy. or actually it did help.

i love the morning roll over. the "five more minutes" refrain.

six months ago i bought a new mattress and opted for one that feels like a giant pillow. (mattress salesman said people mistake firm mattresses for supportive mattresses. "support doesn't have to feel uncomfortable," he said.) three months ago, my mom visited and brought me more pillows for my bed. now i have five total. some mornings i wake up like princess and the pea. except i'm sleeping underneath everything next to the pea.

i know i won't be able to have a lazy morning routine forever. maybe that's why i like treating myself to it now. it doesn't work on beautiful sunny days though. the guilt seeps in. it's so lovely out, i ought to be up. i when i hear rain hit my window and see only grey in the sky, i cheer. and then roll over. today, the clouds were so thick outside, coffee couldn't even pry me loose. i put some on, then re-woke to find it had gone cold.

basically, it was a cookies in the house kind of a.m. only those would have gotten me up earlier. unfortunately, now i'm a little late for my day of events. but i don't care.

for notoriously punctual, bad sleeping me, 5 more minutes, is the perfect way to greet a day.

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