Wednesday, October 12, 2011

time is on my side

the weird thing about returning from lots of time spent doing nothing, is remembering what you used to do with your time spent doing nothing before you left on vacation. it's the epitome of the start of a new season and thinking, what the heck did i wear last year?

luckily, when i returned from Spain (please elongate the 'A' and let your voice dip in a snotty New England accent at the end, otherwise you aren't pronouncing it correctly), i almost immediately went on a mini-family vaca to Tampa to visit my grandpa.

but now i'm back. no more vacations in sight.

in Spain right now, i'd be drinking cafe con leche and eating something delicious. in nyc right now, i'm in pajamas, staring at my computer, drinking coffee and mindlessly eating cookies.

in Spain, i was special. i was a blonde celestial being who's every flick of hair and oh so coy-ness *stumble on the cobblestones* caught los hombre's attention. no, seriously, Spanish men don't see blondes. it's a fact. so me walking down the street was as if they were seeing a big, fat, golden goose for the first time ever. meanwhile, here in nyc, i can barely get the eye scanner on my apartment building to meet my eye. (huh? what? i know, nothing in that last sentence is true, but what a metaphor!).

so yesterday, i decided to: Get Some Work Done.

i wrote down ideas and dialogue for my new book...for twenty minutes. then i did these things:

baked oatmeal cookies
ate cookies
ate cookies
fixed dinner
watched Pretty Little Liars for the first time (but only as market research)
watched another episode of Pretty Little Liars ('cause, erm, one just wasn't enough)
played TowerMadness
ate cookies
read a few blogs
got blog envy (i mean seriously, Lauren Morrill, your posts are funny, filled with great pics, and relevant to YA. they don't all babble about what the heck you're doing with this life. ahem, corrie.)

if i learned anything from yesterday, it was that i have TOO MUCH TIME on my hands. a normal adult doesn't need four days off in a row. even if she thinks she'll whip out five novels at a time, mostly, she'll write the same amount as she always does and then feel restless.

it was while i was hyper-linking to Lauren's blog this morning that i read her post about making the switch to full-time workage. i'm starting to ponder the same move. or a move. because if i learned one thing from Spain (did you say it right this time?) it's that life is fun, surprising, active and inspiring...when you make it that way.

so, um, anyone know of a fun job for me? or maybe do you just want to go to lunch today?

saw this the first day i was back. seemed about right.

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