Monday, November 7, 2011

going the distance

the nyc marathon was yesterday. it's one of my favorite parts of living here.

every year it passes right at the bottom of my street. every year i think, oh, it's early, it's cold, i don't want to go out and see it this time. every year i do (i mean, geez, corrie, it's neither that early nor that cold).

it is awe inspiring.

it brings tears to my eyes each time i see it. it is humanity at it's best. wave after wave of people surge past. from almost every country imaginable. while some are focused and just running, most look so elated to be there, you can't help sharing in their high. all the spectators are shouting, cheering, ringing cowbells. some runners put their names on their shirts so you can holler, Go Paula!

watching it impresses on you what amazing creatures we are. when we're not squabbling about politics, war, religion. on occassions we can all come together to try our hardest, test our limits, and put this incredible, temporary machine we were given at birth to work.

it's a beautiful sight.

and sometimes an absurd one, but hey, he's from france.

all you participating in NaNoWriMo, keep it up!

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  1. I watched some of the marathon yesterday too and felt similarly inspired. I love how it brings people together, and how spectators cheer for perfect strangers. :)