Monday, November 21, 2011

honking along

my healthy lasted for a whole day.

i have caught another cold. only after having two colds back to back can you truly appreciate the differences in the strains. it's like tasting wine side by side.

"why goodness the first one comes on much stronger. it really gets you in the throat. while the second one starts with a full body feel."

oy. i'm not surprised to have caught another. i truly think 98% of people in nyc are sick. so whether it was a co-worker, friend, or maybe just the lady who coughed in my face on the street, no, i kid you not, i was kind of waiting for this.

the trick is to get healthy before i go home for the holidays tomorrow. which means, lots of tea, kale, and rest before my busy work shift and 6 a.m. flight. oomph.

so i'm off to do laundry, pack a bag and blow my nose. safe travels to all of you and yours this week!


  1. :| it's not mine, is it? i'm sorry!!!! :/

  2. nah, it's okay, it's yours or seriously a bazillion other sick people's i've been around. tho i did come down with something immediately after dancing night (oops). i just hope it gets out of here soon. and i hope you're feeling better too:)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Lovey! I hope that you are feeling better. Enjoy your time with your family. xoxo