Monday, November 28, 2011

november wanes

very soon, i will need some fresh eyes.

there's only three more days in November. for anyone (still) partaking in the National Novel Writing Month, that means you have three more days to slap some words on paper.

i almost participated, but then my edits went into overdrive. in spirit, i was hoping to have them done by December 1. which means, i also only have three more days! because if i don't finish? dun, dun, dun... well, there's still december and january and every month after that to get them right. but for the sake of kick butt, three more days.

which means, in (more realistic) theory, in a week or two, i will have a solid final draft of my novel done again, finally. everyone i normally send it to has already read it about three times in the last 5 months. so here's where i wonder aloud if any writers (other than the couple of fabulous commenters i have) read this blog. because i could use even one set of fresh eyes.

anyone want to Beta read for me? anyone also think that during this chaotic time of shopping, holiday parties, and general merriment, they could have it read in a few weeks?

just thought i'd put it out there.

and now for my holiday vacation pictures. all two of them.

it's a bird! in the airport! now is that lazy or what?

giant dogs in cars are funny.

that's right. family pictures? nope. two weird animal pictures? o si!


  1. What kind of mss do you need beta'd?

  2. it's a YA novel, 280ish pages, kinda murder mystery/spooky/coming of age. (can you tell i'm still working on the pitch for it?).

  3. I've got some time, and love me a good mystery (especially one with spooks), but I don't read much YA. (Athough, I did just tear through The Hunger Games trilogy.)

    I could read it if you need another pair of eyes, admitting, however, that I'm probably not your optimal kind of beta (given that I don't eat/breathe/sleep YA). Your call.

  4. I'm sorry I am late to this call for readers. But, I would love to read your novel. And, I do have time. I've also got two youngish adults who could test drive your novel, too.