Monday, November 14, 2011

a love note

i'm about to change your life with one word. ready? here it is:


no, not radiohead (though at a certain point in my life, they felt pretty life changing too.)


this is old news for some of you. i've talked about it before. radiolab is a product of WNYC, my local NPR station. the idea of the show is that they pick a topic in the sciences and then thoroughly explore it. but this description SO does not do the show justice.

i discovered radiolab a year or two ago. i listened whenever i could. loved it every time. then i kind of forgot about it. recently, i've fallen in love all over again.

usually, when i get ready for work, i listen to NPR or my favorite latin pop station. now i listen to radiolab.

there aren't many things i've encountered that leave me feeling this enriched, this full of possibilities, this happy/amazed/appreciative of the human experience. their website breaks the show down into four categories. gut-wrenching, heart-swelling, knee-slapping, mind-bending. i once cried on the subway -- huge roll down my face tears -- listening to radiolab (i think it was their show LOVE or else it was FALLING fyi). they must save their heart-wrenching stories for last, because those are the ones that always get me. (the last story on LOST AND FOUND, omg omg omg).

seriously, give it a try while you're cleaning, driving, waking up in the morning. it's perfect if you have an ipod dock or any other listening device. you can download their podcasts for free from their website or itunes.

listen and let me know what you think.
you can thank me later:)

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