Monday, December 19, 2011

dare yourself

the holidays are almost here people. possibly they already are if you're jewish. but i'm not, so i'm talking christmas. (not like i'm not catholic or christian either, but hey, it's what i grew up celebrating.)

this is the week of pre-holiday drinks with friends. my crit partner (do i need to hyper link her anymore?) and i went to our favorite wine bar and made lists of january "dares" for each other. these are her dares for me.

i'm already 1 out of 3 for her top dare. after months away from it, i went to a new latin club the other night. it's fun trying a new place, because i'm always the only gringa in there. my first time somewhere people are like, "who the heck is that?" by the second time, it's like, "oh sigh. there's that tall blonde chick again." but the first time, booyah! don't ask me why i think this is fun. i must not get enough attention in my day to day.

until i get some health insurance, that skiing dare is a no way (crit partner's trying to organize a ski trip. maybe i'll go and sit in the lodge). but the others? sure, why not. it's fun to not make your own resolutions, but be in the hands of someone that knows you, and see what they'd put you up to. if i were daring myself, it'd be to have only forward looking thoughts for the next few weeks. no more, looking back.

regardless, the rest of the list might need to go on a short hiatus.

my parents are coming in two days. it's my mom's first christmas away from home. ever. mine was last year, and despite missing all my fam and some of my favorite holiday traditions, i loved the experience. this year it will be even better because i get to share it.

so as i head out to do a little grocery shopping i'll leave you with some dance!

my hiphop class was a dare to myself almost two years ago. initially, i was terrible, constantly behind. forgetting choreography every step. this past class my teacher told me that her boyfriend suggested "the blonde with the ponytail teach the class while she's away." dares are good things. regardless of improvement. i'm glad i stuck with it. i wish i could carry my dance class around with me in my pocket. whip nicole and tammy and reggie out when i feel stressed or sad. it fixes everything. and even though i felt cooler dancing this than what the result show -- and oy those roots -- i loved this song (Rihanna), loved this dance.

blogging might be spotty over the next week, but merry holidays everyone! stay warm, be safe and joyous. and maybe dare yourself to _____.


  1. happy holidays!!!! have fun with your folks xoxo.
    and pssh, health insurance? skiing isnt dangerous!!! *hides trees* <.< :D?

  2. You are so awesome- dancing, outlook, blonde hair and all! I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch- I am still reading- I promise. I don't usually read at a snail's pace and I feel awful that I am taking so long. I will be in touch with you very soon. Enjoy your time with your momma.

  3. miz ellen or should i say miz ulterior motives? we shall see about the skiing. and miz amy, no worries! it's the holidays, everything slows down:) and you're awesome too!