Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a delightful day followed by...

what is the worst thing about vomiting? when you blow your nose afterwards and then smell vomit for the rest of the night. second worst part about vomiting? vomiting.

let me backtrack....

so yesterday my fabulous crit partner and i decided to get together for a little holiday cheer. we were going to treat ourselves to a fancy lunch at Jean Georges, but cheaped out and decided to eat at Shake Shack instead.

Shake Shack has been on my list of places to eat in NYC ever since i moved here. it's a creation of Danny Meyers who owns a slew of NYC restaurants. the original SS was near the literary agents office i worked at. even in the height of winter there was a line twisting out front. the meat blend of the burgers is top secret. they don't look like much, but they're supposed to be sublime.


they are. the grease that drips from the burgers is almost the best part.

thus fortified (though ellen with a slightly upset stomach) we continued on our holiday way. this included corrie being indecisive in a few stores and stopping by the Macy's windows.

then it was onward to a great, inexpensive cheese shop in the East Village where i stocked up for my parent's visit next week. Trader Joe's for cheap wine (see previous sentence) and then happy hour!

all sounds good and fun, right? and it was. possibly the only mistake we made was after all this, going out for a second round of burgers. crit partner voted for fondue, but i wasn't sure i could hack it. so we went to an organic burger joint instead on the lower east side.

neither of us could finish. we took the left overs to go and cheerily went on our ways.

the trouble started an hour later.

huh. my stomach feels a little queasy. ten minutes later. huh. now it feels a lot queasy. five minutes later. wow. i've got a pretty bad headache. five minutes later. uh oh.

yesterday was a super day. i went to B&H for the first time ever. it's gotta be the biggest photo and video store in the world. they send products around on wheelie track systems (no that is not the proper wording) that run over your head through the store like Santa's workshop. i had a blast hanging with my crit partner and i even got a little shopping done.

later last night though? um, it frickin' sucked. i dunno if it was the double dose of burgers. or if i managed to catch a bit of the flu from that girl at work who had flu a few days back who i came withing a few yards of, but oy. autumn marches on across my immune system. i can't wait to see what winter has in store.


  1. :( sorry about the rest of your night! i'm still thinking maybe t'was the shake shack burgers? cause i got sick immediately after them for a while... o.O turbo-metabolism absorbed illness faster?
    damn them though, they were so tasty...

  2. Oh no--that's terrible:(. I had a bout with some sort of killer stomach ailment a couple weeks ago and I will fully admit that I lost, hands down. It experience. Late winter/early spring is usually the season that kicks my immune system's rear, so yeah. Looking forward to that.

    Hope you're feeling better now!