Friday, December 9, 2011

star-crossed numbers

i found this at Barnes and Noble ....

the back cover should be R and J dead
with lots of people sobbing around them. right?

it led to many questions, like isn't there a better Shakespeare play to use as a counting primer? like i dunno, Twelfth Night, maybe? do we need to prime kids to Shakespeare this early? and by choosing this particular play, aren't we setting them up for a major disappointment when they're older? along the lines of...

awww, Romeo and Juliet, I used to have an old counting book about them...wait, you mean they both die! wtf?!

because, sadly, whilst i was hoping for 9 droughts of swallowed poison. 10 drops of spilled blood. this book kept it clean. it counted musicians, masks, friends (friends?), late night trysts.

erm okay, not late night trysts.

all i'm saying, is if you're going to go for something like this. make it awesome. unless they're saving the subversive one for the second primer in the series. warn the kiddies now, 11 through 20 is wicked fun.


  1. LOL. that's hilarious. most depressing counting book ever..?

  2. OMG- this is hysterical- the fact that the book exists and your account of its existence. Seriously-someone thought it was fit to be published? That is the truly tragic part :-)

  3. It looks like two girls on the cover...

  4. That would actually make it better. trans romeo and lesbian juliet? <.<