Friday, January 27, 2012

a massive attack friday

it's been a head exploding week.

oh, but don't worry. it's a good thing.

over the thanksgiving break, my regular dance teacher had one of my classmates sub for the hip hop class. everyone was gone for the holiday though, and none of us made the class. last week, we asked the girl to show us the dance.

jaws dropped.

i haven't felt like i needed something, like i needed to dance that choreography,, that's a hard metaphor to make. i'm not big on needing things, since i needed to watch the last Harry Potter movie? lame. since i needed to own all the Carebear figurines when i was younger. pfft. lamer.

anyway... we begged her to teach it to us after our next wednesday night class. all week long, my thought process went like this:

hmmm, my W2 came in. wow, i made waaaayyyy less than i did last year. double dance class on wednesday. this train is freakin' taking forever. it's 1 a.m. i just want to be home. double dance class on wednesday. that drink was way pricey and it tasted like smoke. double dance class on wednesday.

and then? wednesday night. it was sometime right between this: 

and this:

that from all the endorphins and happiness of getting twice the length of my favorite part of the week, i feared for head explosion. even when the double part of class was over i didn't want to leave. i went home, bought the nicki minaj song, and that's where the real head exploding problem began.

i haven't stopped listening to that song. no, seriously.

on the subway yesterday, i kept it on repeat for the whole 45 minute ride into the city. i listened to it as i walked to meet up with my friend. i played it for her back at her house. then, subway ride home? on repeat. once in the door. on repeat. every third time i hear the song, i bust out the dance.

i have no great love of nicki minaj. i skip half her songs on pandora. her style is just so...grating. but this song? be warned before you give it a full listen. it will massively attack and conquer your weekend soundtrack.

mwahahah. see ya'll on monday.


  1. oh. goodness.
    you were right.
    and I pretty much abhor NM's stuff.
    I only like one song.
    but now I guess it's two.
    i started dancing in my chair almost immediately....:)