Monday, January 9, 2012

papa is'a rollin' in

my dad is coming to visit today!

i'm a little behind on the getting ready for visitor set-up. this resulted in some massive cleaning at 6 a.m. but with just a few hours until arrival (and me in pjs -- because yes, i am apparently the only adult in the world who wears pajamas) i still have a few more chores. hellooo clean sheets, clean shower, food in the fridge. can you just make yourselves happen please?

it'll be good to have a visitor again. my brain needs to be occupied with something other than daily life concerns right now. plus, i suddenly have all these things in my apartment that are in need of dad attention. hello light above the sink not working. hello silverware basket that's a mess (i know, that one's ridiculous, but he organized it like nobody's bizness last time). hello used giant flat screen HD tv that my work manager gave me for being a good employee that needs to be mounted to my bedroom wall.

whereas i asked my mom to bring things like bread and corn chips. i asked my dad to bring a cordless drill. on a train. employee of the month? fo' sure. daughter of the month? eh.

somewhere in between putting my dad to work the entire time he's here, i'm really looking forward to this visit.

when my my mom and stepdad came we had ourselves some hijinx. i should mention that we all hate having our photos taken....

the "after" picture when we all went for massages

right before we went down the slide at that New Museum exhibit

photo-ed from afar at the same new museum exhibit.

fun times, no?

my dad is pretty fun too...

so, i can't wait to see what my sis and i (miss you other sis) get up to with him. good conversation abounds when he's here, and it's always fun to wrestle up some yummy vegan food (yes, grocery store, i hear you calling).

so i'd better be off. i've got about forty things to do in the next half hour. maybe just one more sip of coffee first....


  1. Omg! Those photographs are too funny! And, "I asked my dad to bring a cordless drill." LOL!Have a great time with your Dad!

  2. I wear pajamas!!! :) Enjoy your visit.


  3. i knew i wasn't the only one! thanks paula. i'm going to use you as an example.

    my friend: you wear pajamas?!

    me: yeah. what? so does paula.