Friday, January 6, 2012


today, trolling Facebook while i had my first sips of coffee (Facebook is the only thing my brain can handle when i wake up) i saw that something good happened to my friend Carla's friend, Colin Hagendorf.

sorry, this link is the best i could do to getting the video on my blog:

it's easier if you just watch the clip (Colin, you should post it on youtube so it can start accumulating views. and other people can more easily link to it. i'm just saying) - and the boy's cute, so it's not like it's painful - but basically Colin ate at every pizza joint in Manhattan, blogged about it since 2009, and is now getting a little (or a lot of) press coverage for it. i love watching the newscast. Colin handles himself so well, while also seeming completely shocked to be there.

in other (Facebook) news, i've been having a great time watching Ms. Lauren Morrill go through the stages of getting her first novel published. one week it's whoo-hoo, i just saw the cover art! next week, it's hey friends, help me chose an author photo... because yes people, let me repeat myself, she's a YA author who's actually getting published.

and the awesomest thing about Lauren's story? she hit it out of the park on the first go! but i'll let her tell you about it....

in other publishing news, my dear friend and former community activist collaborator Amy Cappelli is racking up a list of accomplishments ranging from articles in the Buffalo News to published short stories. she's doing this all whilst raising four children and regularly posting an illustrated blog.

accomplishment. pay-off. success.

a few weeks back a young woman and her friend were celebrating at the wine bar i work at. after ordering a second bottle of prosecco, my interest was peeked enough to ask, what's the deal? both women were infectiously giddy with happiness. they were people you'd easily become friends with at the gym or waiting in line at the grocery store.

"You're looking at," the one woman said, gesturing to her friend, "the new Editor-and-Chief of Vogue Latina."

it felt like a success for all of us because the woman was so...normal. wasn't success something that happened to other people? people i knew didn't appear in Broadway productions i wished i had a ticket for. they didn't write the books i read. or edit the magazines i saw in the stores.

or so i thought.

happily, i'm starting to get proven wrong. years of hard work, great ideas, and first attempts get rewarded in this real life. success happens. it does. so work hard, be patient, and celebrate other people's achievements when you see them because great things can and will happen to you, too.


  1. LOVE this post! I'm always inspired by other people's successes, regardless of the industry they're in. It proves that hard work, patience and perseverance does pay off eventually.

    BTW, I'm super inspired by Lauren Morril and the fact that she published first ever book. Makes me feel hopeful about my WIP. :)

  2. *DO pay off eventually.

    I couldn't let that typo slide :/

  3. I love you, Corrie! Thank you for including me among these great talents. I love Emily's video.

    I look at you, and I already see an accomplished human being. You already are a gifted author, activist, hip hop dancer:-) I see a year filled with good things for you. I have no doubt that we will all soon be posting about all of your new achievements. xoxo

  4. Aww thanks for the shout out! It's still pretty crazy to me ... like I'm watching it all happen to someone else.

    I've got about 4 unfinished YA novels on my hard drive, but Meant to Be is the first one where I ever reached "The End." YAY!

  5. yaaayyy for successful friends :D it's so inspiring when real people who are not from imaginary-successful-celeb-land* make their dreams happen!
    and I am now resisting making a rly bad pun about "meant to be" being... meant to be? >.> hehe.

    * I mean, not that celebs aren't real, but I don't know any of them, so... they seem rather imaginary to me... <.< Snookie? I DON'T THINK YOU EXIST! ahem.

  6. love this. I think sometimes, in the middle of an omfgsh-this-manuscript-is-trying-to-kill-me-why-am-i-bothering breakdown phase, I need a reminder like this (thanks, cuz i'm there right now :). Success does come to those who keep working through the not-so-fun parts. and now I am done hyphenating everything i can...LOL.