Wednesday, January 18, 2012

var = "Coding Rules"

i have a new of-the-moment, probably won't last past February, interest. ready for it?


on the subway i read this article in New York Magazine. it talked about this website called Codecademy that is doing yearlong tutorials in coding... for free!

i spend a lot of time on the computer writing. in down moments, when my brain needs to power up for the next go at a plot point or i'm stuck on a particular sentence's wording, when other writers are checking up on other writer's blogs or doing other...interesting things, i'm usually at a loss. i click on facebook, stare at the screen. honestly, i don't even have that many FB friends, so from twenty minutes to twenty minutes nothing really changes.

suffice it to say, the internet is pretty much wasted on me.

thus my decision to start taking these coding tutorials. maybe it'll help me fix some of the things i hate about blogger. maybe it will give me greater confidence to finally attach my blog to my website name, because while i do own, i can't frickin' figure out how to mesh the two things.

while the tutorials are fun and easy, so far, there's not a whole lot of context around them. ex: great, if i type .length after my "var" it will tell me how many letters are in such and such word. but why do i care? maybe the website is assuming a little bit of prior web savy-ness.

and then there's me. who isn't sure she spell sauvy correctly. (no seriously, how? spell check you are not helping!)

do i know what the term coding even means? no! do i remember what i learn in one tutorial after i've moved onto the next one? hell no! but am i having fun forgetting lots of coding information? yes!

and that's all that matters, right?


  1. savvy? >.>
    sounds like a really interesting site :D I'll have to check that out... though I'm sure I'd suck. I can't even remember like... basic command codes... have to google tutorials every time I wanna include crossed out words in posts... (I tried to cross that out and got an error message. x.x)

  2. It was really easy to link my own URL to my blogger blog, because I bought my domain through Go Daddy. Is that where yours is from? If so, follow these instructions: Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions (not that I'm an expert, but I was able to figure this out...)

  3. no, i bought it through Fat Cow. cause it was really cheap the initial year (and then really not cheap the next year). I need to take another look at it, but there's something i need to do on the fat cow website and i can't find the thing that blogger is telling me that i need to find. i have to look again. maybe next crit group, i can pull it up. anyhoo... SIGH

  4. Years ago, I use to design websites, but I couldn't keep up with software advances. I wanted to devote my time to writing, and I found writing code frustrating. I'd rather tell stories.
    Lupe F.