Friday, January 20, 2012

friday flicks

lots of videos floating around this week.

on monday, i had a conversation with someone about how living in NYC changes you. and there's no doubt that it does change you. part of you can't help becoming immune to the world. there's so much stimuli here all the time, if you don't learn to look at some of it with a dull eye, your brain would explode. no really, it's a fact.

on the other hand. as much as you learn to ignore it, you begin to crave and expect that stimuli. so if 19 new experiences aren't crammed into every single day, you feel a little put out. if you spend an evening quietly at home, you have to (repeatedly) tell yourself: it's okay to have a quiet evening at home.

world weary/activity-addicted. sounds like a great place to live, no? which is maybe why so many of us dream of moving somewhere else almost constantly, even as we wonder if that's even possible anymore.

but if i moved to NC where would i get a great slice at 1 a.m.?

i'm not anywhere near being the NYer depicted in this video. but i've seen plenty of them and have said more than a few of these things more than once.

shortly after the above video cropped up on facebook, a friend sent me a text with other, very different videos attached. they feel like directly opposite NYC correlations.

the back to back receipt of these videos made it all click.

no wonder i've taken to dancing so much while i've been here. and no wonder i've taken to dancing in grimy, latin clubs. there's not a drop of that other kind of New York (or New Yorker) in them. it's the best kind of escape -- unpretentious fun that gets your heart racing without all that NYC pomp. (now if only i can get my feet moving as fast as the girl in the above clip. these were supposed to be practice videos. yeah right.)

wherever you live, there must be elements in your life that offset other facets to keep you real. (what are yours?) for me, this week, it was just funny to see them presented in such blatant video format.


  1. I died laughing watching the New Yorker video the other day! I've said so many of those things.