Tuesday, February 7, 2012

year of the dog

i'm not gonna lie. i'm freaking out right now.

i might adopt a doggy today.

this guy:

my sis and i volunteered at a shelter in williamsburg on friday. when they led this boy out to be walked something in me jumped -- literally, i cut the line to get him.

his name is currently Herbert. i'd name him Brunello. Bruno for short. at one hundred pounds, he's a mellow gentleman. he's also about eight-years-old (since he was abandoned at the shelter they don't know for sure).

when it comes to change, i'm not the best. and this is a BIG furry (senior) change. i was pretty confident with the decision all this weekend. but today is go day. i need to make some phone calls. (see if he's still available). i'd need to buy a lot of things. then i'd need to come home to my cute (read: small) one bedroom with a big, smelly, doggy.

at the moment, my life in nyc has little obligation. i can go and do as i please. stay out as long as i like. i pay my rent, a few bills, and that's about it. not many extra incurred expenses. on one hand this sounds terrific. on the other, reading it back, kind of sad.

what do i have to lose, right? a little freedom? ease of travelling? a little extra saved cash? a little cleanliness. (no question mark about that one). and the luxury of rolling over again and again in the morning without having to walk anybody. erm, those all seem pretty important.

quick and to gain? a black nose at the side of my bed waking me up in the morning. someone to chill next to me while i write. a waggy tail when i come home. a front steps sitting companion.

it's happiness versus convenience and freedom. but it's also a move against stagnating. a move against not making a life changing decision because i'm afraid of changes in life. as we analyzed to death a totally different subject yesterday, my good friend at work said it best: whoa. Corrie, you think too much.

which is why, sometimes regardless of the pro's and con's list, the healthiest thing for me is to act. to go with the internal jump. and in this case, to get my Bruno.


  1. This is awesome! Yes, yes, get your Bruno! He reminds me of Ruby when she is all shaggy (part Chow Chow?) And Bruno is on my list of names for a future dog (a very distant future dog). He would be so lucky to have you in his life. Dude, I'm so excited for you!

  2. he's 100% Chow Chow and the most laid back doggie i've ever seen. my sis and i walked him for like 10 minutes and then we sat with him by the river and he immediately laid down in between us. i moved to sit down next to him and he sniffed sniffed my face and then resumed being cool as a cucumber. if i do get him, i might need to rename my blog: photosofmyliondog.

    1. That is awesome! I don't know if it a Chow thing- because I 've never known any other Chows- but Ruby is pretty laid back, too. When we go for a walk, we make it about 3 blocks and then she plops down. 'Okay, this was far enough.' She pees on the couch when she's mad at us and tears into the garbage when we leave her for too long. But I wouldn't trade her for anything. She cleans up after the kids and she offers pretty sage advice :-) Can't wait to see how the story of your lion dog unfolds.

  3. OMG he's so cute!! That's so exciting!! :D do iiiit. then we can complain about our crazy pets together, mwaha. it will totally change your routine, that's true (and I only have cats, they don't even need walking). but for me it's been worth it. it's like having trial children >.>

  4. I am so, so excited for you!! Love Bruno and can't wait to meet him! :o)