Friday, February 3, 2012

world book night

so i won free books!

erm, except they're not mine to keep. they're meant to be given to as many people as i can. or, more correctly, to twenty people. and as much as i'd like to make this a contest and give some to you, my blogging co-horts, i'm supposed to give them to people in my community who aren't big readers.

what the heck am i talking about?


"The goal is to give books to new readers, to encourage reading, to share your passion for a great book. The entire publishing, bookstore, library, author, printing, and paper community is behind this effort with donated services and time."

and guess what? they need more volunteers. check out their website. some of my favorite books ever are available for distribution. A Prayer for Owen Meany. Bel Canto. The Stand. The Poisonwood Bible (alright this isn't my favorite book ever, but it was really good). it sounds like if you make an even slightly passionate plea about wanting to participate, you'll get books.

so participate! the submission date has been pushed to February 6. the whole process only takes five minutes. you sign up for three choices. i have no idea which book i'm getting (apparently, The Hunger Games sold out, so no go). but if you participate in World Book Night and i participate in World Book Night maybe there can be a little... psst...i'll trade you a The Book Thief for a Ender's Game.

wait. what? only the lowliest of the low would ask to trade books that are intended for charity. but it's fine if i read it real quick, and then give it to a non-reader. right? at least that way we know the book gets opened. (oops, was that a mean comment?) i'd send it on. i swear.

mwa-ha-ha-ha. erm. so anyway...happy friday! now go give away some books.

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  1. yay! can't wait to give books away. this will be fun! :D