Friday, July 12, 2013

full to bursting

i am in burstingly good spirits.

today is simply one of those terrific days. i had a wonderful lunch with a dear friend. little sister is coming to stay with me tomorrow, which means four days of reunited and it feels so good three sister fun. i am head spinning-ly en amor. and i have those nice tingly feelings that maybe good things are on the horizon. today, life feels happily full.

(sheesh. quick. someone knock on wood.)

fittingly, as i cleaned last night in prep for little sis and bro-in-law's arrival, i noticed that my tiny apartment is similarly bursting. as i made my way through my three teensy rooms, i couldn't help notice that every single piece of furniture had at least one drawer that refused to close because there was too much stuff inside/behind it.

the phenomena begins the moment you walk in my front door.

yes, the creepiest, ugliest hallway feeds into my apt.
it gets better once you're inside.
the first thing you see in my apartment is a little, island-thingy that is always popping open due to some bag of chippies or cooking spices.

it's like that old margarine commercial. parkay. butter.
you know....this one:
and yes, this commercial is much older than me. um. i hope.
which leads to the kitchen where usually both cabinets are popped open, but making a liar out of me, today only one was....

the bathroom's the worst....

our bedroom = so much stuff packed into such a small place that things peep out everywhere (note in the background of this pic, the tub under the bed. that's only one of them). fittingly, my beau's dresser drawer broke recently, because it was too packed with t-shirts. which means a. maybe someone has a t-shirt acquisition problem. ahem. but also b. another open drawer....

and bedside dresser is always ready to spring open.

hi bluie!
why am i sharing this? could it be the three cups of coffee i had at lunch? no! it's that the bursting feeling needs to be shared. whether it's in your life or apartment. we always share the "life feels bleh" emotions with one another. the jobs wearing you down. day to day seems the same. life passes too fast. when the opposite is true, when life is bursting, you, I, best shout it out.


there. whew. did it.

now it's your turn.

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