Monday, January 27, 2014

with a few minutes a day

so the other afternoon my boo and i were lazing around when we began watching videos of people "Shuffling."

watching quickly turned to doing.

now, know me, know i am a dance fiend. so dancing (TERRIBLY) around our apartment was right up my alley. in one how-to video the person leading it said he'd learned to Shuffle in about a month. not with massive practice sessions, but with a few minutes here and there throughout the day. and boyfriend was good.

progression of thoughts annnnnd....

what if you learned something new every month?

nothing huge. but say, a slight of hand trick or learning how to make mean bitters or just reading everything you could on a person or time period? in August for research, i read three biographies on the Kennedys. (i highly recommend The Kennedy Women). recently, whilst watching The Butler it felt great to adjust my smart-pants glasses and say, "Oh yes. John did have debilitating back problems." 

will any of these newly learned skills aid you as you go about your way in the world? probably not. will they help you give back to the world? almost definitely not.

but by the end of the year will you be twelve times awesomer? well, you're pretty awesome already, but yes! why not?

we all have ten to fifteen minutes in our day to practice something. even if it's while waiting for the train or for the coffee to brew or as the shower heats up.

will i lose steam on this in three months time. probably. but by then, i'll know how to Shuffle (February). how to shake cocktails with two hands along with other mean bartender tricks (March). and i'll have written two effective business plans (April). and in a years time, as i'm also hopefully able to comprehend a little Mandarin (overall 2014 goal), i might also be decent in my DanceHall class or have watched all the films by Hayao Miyazaki or perfected my pickling recipe.

i'm just could be fun. and in the meantime, you'll have moments where you find yourself giggling with your partner as you do in-sync, Jumpstyle dance routines.

so what do you say? anyone else feel like February Shuffling?


  1. I love that a moment of watching dancing videos online turned into changing your thinking about possibilities. Nice transition - soon to be a nice transition across the dance floor!

    1. or a completely awkward transition across the dance floor. turns out, err, shuffling is really hard!! but i learned to do a few other things in its place. blog post to follow.