Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas cheer(ing up)

yesterday i helped in the grandest and sweetest scheme of cheering up i've ever witnessed.

no details, but suffice to say, a good friend's sister was in one of those rough patches. since words of comfort weren't having much of an effect, he thought he'd take things a little further and give her a tangible, mood brightening aid.

this is where me and the hip hop routine comes in.

he only took about a half hour to learn the dance (which makes me wonder what my problem is in class). i wish my teacher, Nicole, could have been there to see me explain her choreography. gone were all counts of 1 and 2. instead, my friend received instruction like: "swhoop to the side, open open" or "then it goes like this: uh uh uh. uh. uh. bright lights!"

regardless, after twenty minutes of practice, he had it.

i think my friend is onto something. on a bad day, nothing helps me more than being reminded that life isn't so damn serious. or at least, that it's only as serious as we make it. and if that's the case, why not intentionally insert a little more absurd fun into our day? i left his house in a fantastic mood and i didn't even need cheering up.

so below is a little absurd fun for your day. i haven't opened any presents yet, so this might be premature, but i'm going to go ahead and give jared the award for most thoughtful gift this season.

everytime i watch this video i laugh, and i can't help thinking, thank goodness for family.

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