Monday, December 20, 2010

fear and loathing, but mostly loathing, part 2

oh dear. it was as terrible as i thought it would be. my microphone crackled, i sang ahead of the words, and i ended the song abruptly, with a "haven't i suffered enough?" look to the mc who sympathetically shut off the music.

but now, having sang karaoke for the first time i can officially say: i don't get it!

why are all the songs people choose from some musty awful vault? if they came on your car radio you'd switch stations. ace of base? seriously? yet everyone ooooohed "that's a great karaoke pick."

it's like going to a family party and hearing the same childhood stories again and again. isn't it time we collectively moved past love shack? yes, i know it's a good song, but come on.

i get it that part of the fun of karaoke is everyone knowing the words and singing along. but it might also be fun not feeling stuck in a time warp. the best part of the night was the mc singing alejandro by lady gaga. a song from, gasp, last year!

i hear you. you're saying, as a culture our musical tastes are too varied nowadays. popular to one person will be unknown, and probably unliked, by another. so we must fall back on songs from the eighties. plus they're great to sing. plus, get over yourself, corrie. it's karaoke. you aren't supposed to think about it this much. it's supposed to be fun. plus plus plus, you picked a song from the nineties, so get off your high horse.

fine. so i'm a karaoke hater and a hypocrite and i didn't conquer my fear at all because without a doubt, i'll be 100 percent as mortified and nervous next time. if there is a next time.

i might be working that night.

apologies if this video is awful. i couldn't bear watching it more than a few times for a proper edit.


  1. It's not bad. No, seriously. But you, my dear, are a karaoke snob. :)

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  3. Good job! I agree, it's not bad at all....can't even hear you HA ;) I think with karaoke, duets help.

  4. Fair enough, but don't judge all karaoke by that night! It was just flat. Bad crowd, bad song selections (Love Shack is always a no), and not the usual Hope & Anchor MC. You did great, all of that considered especially! And private rooms are a whole different experience.

  5. Even the day after when I was thinking back on it I got the weird nervous stomach all over again. All that being said , I guess, i could maybe see how it could be fun. :)

  6. Book suggestion - read The Elegance of the Hedgehog yet?

  7. i have read it. liked it too. what else?