Friday, January 21, 2011

if it was easy, they wouldn't call it hard

i didn't post a blog this wednesday. remember that children's book, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? i had a week like that.

it wasn't one thing in particular. just an overwhelming feeling of stuckness, which i get sometimes. and the equally awful feeling of not being capable of change. which is probably why i suffer from the stuckness so much. mix in a sprinkling of overwhelmed, and whoo-boy was i in for it.

in the grand scheme, i'm lucky that my no good, very bad week didn't have very much very bad about it.
i feel guilty for even complaining, because this whole past week, my life was pretty much as it was, say, three weeks ago (which could be the problem) when i was perfectly happy. and yet, cue the tears, the doom and gloom thoughts, the pull the covers over my head. wtf indeed.

someone at work said that this past monday was proven to annually be the most depressing day of the year. how that is at all scientifically provable, i have no idea, but it didn't feel far from the mark. did you see my monday blog? talk about grasping at straws.

it's weeks like this that i need to remind myself -- or how it actually happened, have my mom, both sisters and numerous friends remind myself -- that sometimes life just doesn't feel fun. period. or maybe that's just being an adult, another pearly bit of wisdom you aren't told as a child.

"pssst, hey kid. you're going to be stupidly weepy when you get older."


anyhoo, it's been a while since i posted video, and i have two great clips from the night i hung out with my friend Kevin Augsburg to film the second of the Should videos. i posted them back to back like this because there's a lesson in it. one that i needed constant reminding of this week. sometimes (like in video a.) things go smoothly and life is filled with pure inspiration and fun. and then other times (like in video b.) it requires a few takes and some patience to make things happen.

i've been reading lots of author blogs lately (see my crappy monday post) and it seems we all have favorite sayings and quotes we pin above our desks or next to our writing stations. (i'd love to read your favorite quotes in the comments. ) i have a few too, but the one i always remind myself of is one i made up:

if it was easy, they wouldn't call it hard.

here's to hoping next week is a little sunnier.

* note: this second video is looooonnnngggg. but i love watching it and couldn't bear to take any part out.


  1. "Your failure to act in a timely fashion is not my emergency." That's what I think in my head about UB students who wait til the last minute to give us their health records & demand we put them into the system immediately! Grrrrrrrrr....

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Teddy Roosevelt. I try to tell myself that when I want to buy shit I don't need. :) Or when I'm crabby in general.

  2. There you are, Paula! i was wondering where you went.

    I'll have to pass along your comments to my friend in the break-up. And i'll also have to check out Alice Hoffman (I think i just read somewhere else recently that she was doing the YA thing, can't wait). And i like the quotes. Though i feel like to be appropriate for me, i need to change the Teddy Roosevelt quote to: "with what you have, sometimes you can do things outside of where you are" :)

    speaking of buying things you don't need, look on amazon at "flower lights." saw them in a store and wanted to impulse buy them, but since i usually squash all impulses to buy, i didn't. but now i keep obsessively looking at them online. sigh. so pretty.