Monday, January 17, 2011

a writing, blogging, tweeting monday


so i'm trying to get up-to-date on the going ons of the YA book world. considering i'm a YA author, i'm coming at this concept a little late to the game, but i always thought my job as a writer ended with writing the novel. right?

um, hell no. (yes, somehow naive me does manage to navigate life.)

so now i am here to officially, belatedly, report that YA readers and authors are amazing! every day i'm stumbling upon a new link that leads to a new blog / author / 16 year-old book worm reviewer / or book i haven't heard of and immediately need to order. times ten. it's incredible.

also, today, for the first time ever, i discovered the usefulness of twitter.

no it's not just a means of putting out random, minute-by-minute self-absorbed thoughts (okay, it can be that too), it's a way to be up to speed on just about everything.

following the links that twits posted, today i read two YA book reviews, notes on a seminar of teen critiques on YA books from an author who attended a conference out in Cali, i contemplated a posting for a job i'd love to apply for out in LA (if i were a different Corrie Wachob), saw a three sentence writing contest i want to enter, and discovered that my favorite bachatta singer just got a new puppy.

it's amazing and amazingly exhausting.

so even though i usually post a fun video on Mondays, today i'm partaking in the national holiday spirit and am taking the day off. sure, this is mainly because i've got nothing to post. but also because for the first time in weeks i wrote all morning (on my novel, not blog) and at the moment, i'm completely, blissfully, computerly pooped-out. 

now i wonder if twitter can help me find the perfect combination bookshelf, chest of drawers i'm looking for.

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  1. Not sure if you know (or care, really) but Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors & she's written a few YA books: Green Angel, Indigo, Aquamarine, Incantation & The Foretelling. I liked The Foretelling especially. I don't think I've read Incantation or Green Angel yet though.