Monday, April 4, 2011

a writing monday

the problem with having a job is it gets in the way of all the fun things in life.

want to dance to the end of the routine you love in hip hop?
can't. have to leave early to run to work.

have lots of great ideas for the novel you're working on?
too bad. you have to go in early to iron.

want to adventure to DC to look at all the cherry blossoms in bloom?
nope. you picked up that extra shift.

i know, good things come from working too. like the money you're paid that makes everything else in life possible. the socializing. the massive amounts of mashed potatoes i'm able to consume at the end of the night. but it doesn't mean that i still don't long for the summer vacation of our youth.

it makes me wonder...we're the adults, right? the "deciders" of our lives and the systems we live under? what bozo nixed summers off for the rest of us? right. the same bozo who got sick of watching our whole culture shut down for two months while everyone lied on their couches eating junk food and watching reruns.

ahh. i used to be so good at relaxing. lately, i've been trying to remember how. it's one of those fun things that if you get it wrong, you're not any worse off.

happy, hazy, non-vacation monday, everyone. now back to work.


  1. I thought that school originally let out for the summer so the the children could harvest the crops. I'm all for that! If we reinstated that policy, there'd be no more need for migrant farm workers and the whole immigration debate would go away. Am I right? Should I run for congress? Just saying...

  2. Hmm children toiling in the fields instead of migrant workers. There are many things i'd like to comment here, but am not sure they're blog appropriate. Either way, you, my dear, are going to be a huge hit on the politics scene.