Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a night out

i went to a cd release party last night. do you remember my good friend Kevin's best friend (got that?) Notar from other blog posts? well, his album drops today.

the release party wasn't at a club. it was at a HUGE loft apartment in the west village.

i love brushing up against NYC lives and lifestyles that are different than mine. it's the equivalent of peeking in through windows and then actually being invited inside and staying for a plate of lasagna. this loft was insane. the chandelier hanging from the ceiling was about the size of my bed (and as all my friends assured me, not from ikea). the owners installed a full bar, and i'm not talking liquor cabinet, a whole deal BAR with mirror, shelves, bar, stools right in the middle of the apartment.

the apartment wasn't overwhelming in it's luxuriousness. it was tasteful, homey and warm.

here, i took a picture:

erm. wait. what's that? oh right. it's part of the bathroom. because who in their right mind would actually take a picture of a beautiful loft apartment when she's in it? not this girl. she takes a picture of the bathroom. and not even a particularly good picture.


but anyway, congratulations to Notar and my friend Kevin Augsburg who produced four of the songs on the album. i can't wait to give it a full listen.

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