Monday, December 5, 2011

oh tannenbaum, indeed

you might have noticed i took two days off from blogging last week. i didn't even do my usual short "busy writing. see you friday." instead, i threw blogging to the wind, drank so much coffee i actually smelled a little funny (or was it funky? only i'll ever know) and FINISHED MY EDITS.

whoop whoop!

completing drafts reminds me why i love writing. the high is ridonkulous. for 48 hours i floated through brooklyn beaming at everyone. oh you woman, taking up the entire sidewalk with a stroller the size of a Hummer not even acknowledging that other people need to pass, isn't life grand?!

yes it is.

now i have a little time before my first reader's reactions, responses and -- der, you forgot all the comma's in this sentence -- edits roll in. time i will use to prep for the holidays.

now if you know me, as um 98% of you do (hi mom!), you know that christmas is not my most favoritist of holidays. HOWEVER, it's starting to grow on me. (it could be some of that left over, draft-completed beaming). this past week, i even bought a christmas tree.

christmas tree shopping in NYC is a little like renting an apartment in NYC. you pay an exorbitant amount for a size that anywhere else in the country would be laughable. for instance, below is pictured the biggest Park Slope tree seller. a Charlie Brown style Christmas tree costs $60 or $70.

this year, they began bundling branches for sale. i didn't ask how much, but i'm thinking they're between $10 and $20. (i hope i'm not offending anyone by naming actual prices. in nyc it's not gauche to ask "how much do you pay..." for just about anything. um, right guys? sez the girl who loves asking how much do you pay for...)

that being said....when my red haired sis and i wandered past a local hardware store and the guy said trees were $25 we jumped on it.

it so happened that the previous day my bro-in-law in Buffalo posted pictures of the tree that he and my sister had picked out. the comparisons made me laugh. ready? here goes....

$25 brooklyn tree:

$45 buffalo tree:

so cute!



now granted, my lil' sis cuts down her tree, which greatly reduces price, and she has those mega-vaulted ceilings in her great room to play with. but what i love best about these comparisons between buffalo and brooklyn, is the one similarity in them.

notice the smiles that finding the tree resulted in. (granted, we are sisters, thus have similar smiles. and i'm not quite sure mine is the tree as it's kinda just the one that the guy at the hardware store grabbed from the pile)*clears throat and presses on with her point*

conclusion? size does not, in fact, matter when it comes to enjoyment of the, erm, holidays.

and that, my friends, is how you end a post about christmas with some penis humor.


  1. Such a cute post. I think your tree is perfect! At least it is real. We gave up years ago as the price kept rising. If we wanted a real tree it meant less gifts underneath it. So now, each year we unpack the old fake tree my mom gave us. No one wants to help (except for good old, Henry) because it truly hurts your hands to unfold the dusty prickly synthetic branches. Jeff says his hands are too delicate for that kind of pain. And, I'm sure that, due to its age, it is laden with lead paint. So as we fill our house with Christmas joy, we are shaving years off of our health and our lives. Trudging through the snow to find and cut down the perfect tree was part of the fun and spirit of the Christmas season when I was a kid. I'm sad my kids may never experience that.

  2. *dies* that's an awesome tree! I kinda want one... but I just keep envisioning the cats perched at the top fighting until it falls in slow-motion and smashes into one of the few valuables left that they haven't already broken... <.<

  3. Fun! Our Brooklyn apartment was too small for a tree so we never got one. I think yours is awesome!