Monday, January 23, 2012

hear us roar

it's the new year. the Chinese new year. and it's a special one. we've entered the year of the Dragon.

the news said that births in China will be up 10% this year as dragon babies are the most respected. while some signs, like the rat and the snake, get snickered at by Chinese friends and family members - i have a chinese friend, who planned the birth of her child to not fall into those astrological signs - a dragon baby is roundly met with "oohs!" dragons are leaders. dragons are lucky.

so quick everyone, reproduce!

ironically, the consequence of a ten percent birth rate increase, is that medical institutions, and eventually educational institutions are all completely unprepared and overwhelmed. the dragon baby thus gets less attention and care than the undesirable astrological signed children that come in years before and after it.

so, wait, everyone, maybe don't reproduce!

or forget about reproducing and just have a fiery, lucky, magical new year.

1 comment:

  1. Reproduction is no longer an option (thankfully). But, if we had just waited 2 years we could have finally had our magical, wonderful, golden dragon child to balance out the mundane, lowly rabbit, ox, rat and horse kids that we have.